Products and services may be distributed directly, through sales agents, importers, dealers and franchisees on a national or international scale. Depending on the chosen channel of distribution, different legal rules will apply. A properly drafted distribution contract, which avoids potential conflicts of the parties involved, is of particular importance in distribution law.
Mr. Kiehl will assist you with negotiating and drafting distribution contracts, which are the foundations of a trusting cooperation between you and your business partners. Should conflicts arise, Mr. Kiehl can assist with negotiations and if appropriate represent you in Court. His distribution law advice covers the following areas:
  • Setting up distribution systems
  • Drafting distribution and franchising agreements (B2B): dealer, service partner, agency, importer, license supply and bonus agreements
  • Drafting general terms and conditions (B2B and B2C)
  • Providing advice in case of suppliers or customers with a dominant market position
  • Representation, both in and out of Court, in the event of conflicts with competitors or business partners