KIEHL Kanzlei für Wirtschaftsrecht

KIEHL Kanzlei für Wirtschaftsrecht is a specialized law firm with a focus on competition law, distribution law, commercial law and compliance. In these fields, Mr. Kiehl provides advice in relation to the first legal assessment, the drafting of contracts and the client’s representation in court.
Prior to founding KIEHL Kanzlei für Wirtschaftsrecht, Mr. Kiehl gained many years of experience working in a number of renowned business law firms in Vienna and Brussels specializing in competition, distribution and commercial law. In addition, he gained experience working in industry for many years: After a worldwide corruption scandal, MAN Truck & Bus AG hired him as department head of a team of compliance managers with a focus on implementing a compliance program and management system across Europe and in addition, some central distribution units operating worldwide.
The in-house understanding has a substantial positive impact on his approach to counselling clients. Mr. Kiehl always aims to find a pragmatic, clear and realizable solution for the client’s legal problem. His specialization and lean office structure allow for providing of high quality advice at competitive prices.